5 Home Design Fundamentals

We all have that image of our dream home. As the one place to retreat after a tiring and stressful day, our home is where we spent most of our time.

So, when it is finally time to build your dream home, here are some home design fundamentals you need to keep in mind.

  1. Future-Proof

Do you plan to have kids in the future? Do you want to accommodate your aging parents? Maybe even accommodating extended family on holidays and vacations?

If so, when designing your home, make sure that it is designed for the future. When thinking about the amenities of your home, determine what kind of family you will become and include features— for instance 2 guest rooms, a 3rd bathroom on the second floor, maybe an office space or a home gym— that your future self will find useful and handy.

  1. The Color Mattersu

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions when designing your home, paint colour will bring instant glamour to your home.

There are several options to choose from, but there are only 2 ways to describe them— soft and understated, or the more dramatic and bolder. It only depends on your colour personality in which options should you choose.

You can choose one over the other or go with both as long as they harmonize together.

Check this site for home paint colour inspirations.

  1. The Lighting Difference

Most homebuilders choose the standard lighting fixtures that have been used over and over again in every home they’ve built.

It’s good and all, but if you want to add some elegance and have the budget, then designer light fixtures are the way to go.

Also, make sure to give your home ample light fixtures from the kitchen to your kid’s study room and using only appropriate lightings.

For instance, in the kitchen, you might need bright lights to aid in the cooking process. For rooms, you can go with lighting fixtures with dimmable features to encourage sleep.

  1. Natural Light

Sure, you can brighten your home with enough lighting fixtures during the night, but the best way to do it during the day is by letting the natural light in.

Thus, your window planning needs to be taken seriously. We want to have the natural light, so you can opt for larger windows in every room. The kitchen or living room can benefit from window doors, offering a quick transition with your home’s interior and outdoors, allowing enough light and fresh air inside.

Still, we want privacy. So, make sure to choose window options treated to prevent others from seeing what you’re doing in your room. In addition, you can pick window dressing— the sheer, natural linen, cotton, silk curtains still allows light to pass through while offering you the privacy you need.

Find out the best window treatments on this site.

If you don’t like draperies, then you can go with wood blinds or bamboo shades to give your window and authentic look.

  1. Details Matter

When it comes to designing your home, the details are key to looking high-end and custom made.

For instance, crown moulding gives any room a complete or finished look, bringing the walls and ceiling together.

For the ultimate glamour consider adding all kinds of moulding to your dream home, high baseboards, ceiling medallions, crown, chair rails, columns, ceiling beams and more!

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