Hurunui Hotel

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The Hurunui Hotel is famous in New Zealand for holding its Liquor License continuously since 1st July 1860.

The original owner, John Hastie, was granted a conditional licence for the ‘Hurunui Accommodation House’. Conditions included; “that he keep eight beds in four bedrooms; shelter for six horses; provide stock yards for yoking up cattle; provide horses for travellers to ford the river; and, direct strangers to a safe fording place.”

In 1982 a small group of local farmers banded together to save the hotel after it had fallen into disrepair. The community rallied and with help from other sources, including The Historic Places Trust, the Hotel was restored. It is now a thriving hotel and a popular stop for tourists, who can enjoy sampling our fine brews in a New Zealand landmark.

In November 2016, the Hotel was badly damaged in the Kaikoura Earthquake. Its doors will remain closed until further notice.

We are completing repairs and hope to re-open the hotel late in 2018.