Occupational Health Risk Assessment Facts for Dummies

If you are an employer who has no idea about the importance of deploying top-rated occupational physicians to your entity, you are missing out on something big.


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Get to know the basic facts about occupational health assessment and get ready to make the biggest change to your firm.

What is Occupational Health Assessment?

Occupational or workplace health assessment is a medical checkup performed by an occupational doctor. The main goal of an occupational health assessment is to give expert advice to employers on how to improve or maintain its employees’ wellbeing at work. On the other hand, organizations may also conduct a pre-employment health risk assessment to ensure prospect hires are physically fit to their line of work.

Moreover, occupational health assessment may also include spirometry, ECG, respirator fit testing and other basic medical diagnostic procedures.

The Roles of an Occupational Physicians

Workplace health risk assessments will never be possible without the help of occupational physicians. Below is a list of what they do:

  • Help employers identify possible areas of threat for the health and safety of its employees.
  • Give advice on the best possible treatment for existing health concerns.
  • Recommend a reliable workplace injury treatment clinic for employees who are in need.
  • Analyze the interaction between an employee’s current health status and his or her nature of work.

How Do Organizations Benefit From Occupational Health Assessments?

There are tons of advantages organizations get out of conducting occupational health assessments. However, these 3 are among the biggest ones:

1. Reduce Employee Absences

Health problems are among the top reasons why employees skip work. Absences can definitely hurdle an organization’s daily operations and may hurt its profitability. Therefore, employers must take valuable efforts to look after its employees’ health by investing in workplace health assessments.

2. Decrease Employee Turnover

Employee recruitment can be a laborious and costly process. However, most employees who are facing health issues tend to quit their jobs; in return, employers have no other choice but to invest time and money in another recruitment procedure.

Occupational physicians will help employers determine underlying health concerns their employees might be facing and give adequate medical treatments. Furthermore, pre-employment health examinations will also help employers avoid hiring physically unfit people who might one way or another quit their jobs anytime soon.

3. Improve Workplace Productivity

When employees are both physically and mentally healthy, chances are they are going to perform efficiently at work.

If you are facing major problems with your workforce’s productivity, you might want to check on your people’s health and see if they are at risk for a certain medical diagnosis. And the best way to know is through a comprehensive occupational health checkup.


An organization’s human resource is one of its most important assets. Without them, profitability and business success are unachievable.

If you are an employer who faces major workforce challenges you might want to check on your employees’ current health status and seek help from a reputable occupational physician. Additionally, you may also visit www.resile.com.au and get access to an exceptional workplace injury treatment clinic Hamilton has to offer.